"Classical music is not entertainment, and I feel viciously strong about that. Classical music is forever. Entertainment is something that is here today, and may be gone tomorrow."

Van Cliburn, 1952 KF Chopin Competition Winner
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The 67th
Kosciuszko Foundation
Chopin Piano Competition

February 5-27, 2022

A Hybrid Competition
Recitals Online and
Live Performances in Washington D.C.

Final Round with Members of the

National Philharmonic and 
Maestro Piotr Gajewski

Preliminary And Competition Jury Includes Akiko Ebi, Piotr Gajewski,
Claire Huangci, Krzysztof Jabłonski,
Stanislav Khristenko, Alexander Kobrin
And Piotr Paleczny


Ages 18-30

Application Deadline Extended! Monday December 27, 2021

The Kosciuszko Foundation
2025 O Street NW
Washington D.C., 20036


Application Deadline Extended! Monday December 27, 2021


© Dario Acosta 

Kosciuszko Foundation
Chopin Piano Competition

Garrick Ohlsson
Honorary Patron 

Winner of the 8th Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, 1970.

I send my best wishes to the participants and the organizers of the Kosciuszko Foundation Chopin
Piano Competition 2022.


Chopin is the Rosetta Stone for pianism, and the Alpha and Omega for pianists.

To play Chopin well, the player needs impeccable physical skills, deep and wide tonal sensitivity, musicianship to deal with complex structures, and a sense of magic. The pianist who can do all this is equipped to take on almost any challenge in the piano repertory.


I salute all those who take on this challenge. May this competition succeed and thrive, and bring deserved attention to wonderful young pianists.


KFCC 2022 Competition

The Kosciuszko Foundation's Chopin Piano Competition was established in 1949, in honor of the hundredth anniversary of the death of Frédéric Chopin. The inauguration took place at the Kosciuszko Foundation House in New York City, with Witold Malcuzynski as a guest artist, and Abram Chasins, composer and music director of the New York Times Radio Station, presiding. Over the years, many outstanding musicians have been associated with the competition including Van Cliburn, Ian Hobson, Daniel Pollak, Murray Perahia, Myung-whun Chung, Kevin Kenner, and Kirill Gerstein. Today, the Kosciuszko Foundation's Chopin Competition continues to encourage gifted young pianists to further their studies and to perform the works of Polish composers. 

Competition Overview

The Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities representing a professional level of performance ages 18-30.

Preliminary, first, and second rounds are all online.  Semifinal and final rounds are live in Washington D.C.


Preliminary Round: Video recording
20 minute recital 
Results announced January 3, 2022

Saturday-Sunday February 5-6: First Round Online
20 minute solo recital video recording 

Results announced Sunday February 6

Saturday-Sunday February 12-13: Second Round Online
30 minute solo recital video recording
Results announced Sunday February 13


Friday February 25: Semifinal Round Live Performance
50 minute solo recital at St. Ann Catholic Church in Washington D.C.

Saturday February 26: Rehearsal with Orchestra


Sunday February 27: Final Round Live Performance

Concerto performance with members of the National Philharmonic at St. Ann Catholic Church in Washington D.C.


First Round and Second Round must be video recordings made in a single take, and must be unedited.


All semifinalists will receive a stipend for travel expenses to Washington D.C. and will be placed with host families for the duration of the live competition.

Application Deadline Extended 
11:59 PM EST Monday December 27, 2021

Van Cliburn, winner of the 1952 KF Chopin Piano Competition with KF Founder Stephen Mizwa.

Prizes & Awards

Cash Awards

1st - $5,000

2nd - $3,000

3rd - $2,000

Szymanowski Prize - $1,500


Other Prizes and Performances TBA


From left to right: Barbara Bernhardt, Jason Solounias, Jeffrey Swann, Martin Labazevitch, Krzysztof Jablonski, Jolanta Stefanska, and Piotr Paleczny at the Embassy of Poland in Washington D.C.


Notable Laureates


Preliminary Round 20 minute video recording

  • One etude from Op.10 or Op.25

  • One nocturne

  • Free choice of any work(s) by Chopin


First Round 20 minute video recording

  • One etude from Op.10 or Op.25

  • One nocturne

  • One waltz

  • Free choice of any work(s) by Chopin

Second Round 30 minute video recording

  • One polonaise

  • Mazurkas, one complete opus

  • Four consecutive preludes

  • Free choice of any work(s) by Chopin

Semifinal Round 50 minute Live Performance

  • A work(s) by Karol Szymanowski of at least 6 minutes.  Individual movements are acceptable. 

  • Large work(s) of Chopin: Sonata/Ballade(s)/Scherzo(s), Fantasy, Barcarolle, etc.

  • The remainder of the program can be decided by the contestant, but must consist of work(s) by Chopin.
    The majority of the semifinal round program should be devoted to the music of Chopin. 

Final Round Concerto Performance

  • No.1 in E Minor OR

  • No.2 in F Minor


Preliminary Round videos must be recent, unedited, and may be sent as separate video links. 
Repertoire from the preliminary round may be repeated, no more than once, in the first, second, or semifinal round. 

Video recordings for the first and second online rounds must be unedited and works performed in sequence, in one video take, as in a live performance.



  1. Completed application form

  2. Age limit up to 30 years of age

  3. Age verification document: passport, state ID or any other official document

  4. Letter of recommendation from current or most recent teacher

  5. Biography of up to 300 words suitable for publicity including musical studies, academic institutions, participation in master classes, recent teachers, competitions attended, and awards received.  

  6. YouTube link(s) of pre-screening performance.  Links may be emailed separately on or before the December 19 deadline. 

  7. Digital high resolution photo

  8. Non refundable application fee $150

  9. Applications are to be submitted no later than Monday December 27, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.  

Letter of recommendation, age verification document, and photo should be emailed to chopin@thekf.org

Meet The KFCC Team


Barbara Bernhardt
Kosciuszko Foundation Washington D.C. Director


Martin Labazevitch
Artistic Director

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Jason Solounias
Competition Director


Jolanta Stefanska
Advancement Director
©Stephen Jaffe 


Stanislav Khrsitenko
Media Coordinator

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